Sokari Ekine

A number of African bloggers have written on the Australian race riots. MentalAcrobatics from Kenya - ( discusses the riots in the context of Australia’s “White Australia Policy” which itself is rooted class conflict between “convicts and exclusives”. Australia is well known for its disgustingly abhorrent treatment of more

Some of you may remember that as part of the World AIDS Day roundup I posted a piece from Kid’s Doc in Jos - - on 15th month old HIV+ twins Faith and Favour. At the time Faith was very ill with pneumonia. The heartbreaking news is that baby Faith died on Thursday 1st December – World AIDS Day, 2005 aged 15th months. He is survived by his twin, Favour and their mother.

“ more

Today is World AIDS Day so I have chosen to focus on those African blogs that have written about HIV/AIDS from a range of perspectives.

Feminist African Sister – ( criticises George Bush, who has extended the “GAG” rule which prevents funding from the US to any NGO that “perform abortions in cases other than more

Somali blog, Ayaan Hirsi Ali - ( which is dedicated to the work of Dutch Somali MP Ayaan Hirsi Ali reports that the “once tolerant Dutch society has been transformed by the action of Islamist murders and threats”. Film director Theo Van Gogh was murdered last year by an Islamic extremist because of the film he made with Hirsi Ali which exposed domestic violence in Islam. Since then more

Ethan Zuckerman’s My hearts in Accra - ( is on his way to Tunis for the World Sumit on Information Society (WSIS). Like many others he says he is:

“attending with misgivings over the usefulness of the gathering, the absurd cost of the meeting, and the fact that it’s being held within a deeply repressive country with a history of detaining people who use the Internet to exercise their more

Weichegud! Et Politics - ( likens the present political violence in Ethiopia to 1978 when:

“The generation Ato Meles belongs to went on protest marches on the streets of Addis Ababa in the early 70s without the indignity of being mowed down. They were demanding a revolution - the usurping of the Ethiopian constituency, and the more

African Refugees - ( reports that West African and Sudanese refugees are making their presence felt in the southern Australian city of Prospect. People from Liberia, Nigeria, Ghana, Senegal, Sierra Leone and Togo took part in a “Taste of Africa” festival of music, an exhibition of arts and crafts and a fashion show and of course food. more

Agathon Rwasa - is a blog dedicated to bringing Burundi rebel group FNL’s (Forces nationales de liberation) leader Agathon Rwasa to justice and highlighting the atrocities of FNL.

“Twenty civilians have died at the hands of the FNL since early September, according to the Burundian human rights group more

Ghanaian blogger, “The Trials & Tribulations of a Freshly-Arrived Denizen” - - ( has an amusing story about a song which poked fun at a small Ghanaian town called Tubodom. The elders of the town were very angry over the lyrics and started a campaign to ban the song. However this only made the song even more popular and the town itself is now on the tourist map.

“And teachers from the more

Zimbabwean civic action group, Sokwanele - ( reminds us that the “crisis” facing Zimbabwe today is not one single issue but many. There is a severe crisis in the economy for instance, as in manufacturing, as in agriculture, in education, health care and so on. In fact just about every sector of the national life is plunged into deep crisis right now.

Health is of particular concern and while the main focus here has more