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Confessions of the mind - (
has an interesting piece on Christianity and Africans with particular reference to Nigeria, which criticises the trend of commercialising religion and the growth of churches on the continent and “the hypocrites who come to church to see and be seen”, though I cannot agree with her comment about women “luring catholic priests into committing sin”.

"Then more

Ethan Zuckerman’s ‘My Hearts in Accra’ ( questions the ‘politics’ behind the prosecution of Belgian priest, Father Guy Theunis in the ongoing Gacaca genocide tribunals taking place in Rwanda.

“Father Guy Theunis ran a magazine called Dialogue which republished translated excerpts of articles from a pro-Hutu extremist magazine Kangura. His defense is that his “republications were more

Ndesanjo Macha Duniani of Digital Africa - ( has been reporting from the Helsinki Conference 2005 for Global Voices (

The conference is a joint initiative between the governments of Tanzania and Finland addressing issues of democracy and globalization. Some of the topics under discussion have been “ more

The African blogging scene is as diverse in its content as it is in its representations of culture and politics. One of the great things about blogs and blogging is that anyone of us can become a writer, poet, political or sports commentator, book or film reviewer or just write and publish our daily lives online.

is a Kenyan blogger who has taken up the mantle of poetry and journal writing on her blog. I visit Mshairi regularly as it is a haven of tranquillity to read her poems and more

Despelchin's article is an excellent analysis on the correlation between capitalism and genocide - not just genocides that happened on "individual" scales such as the holocaust and Rwandan genocide, but the systematic genocide that is an ongoing dehumanization of the planet.

“There is a tendency, even among the most critical voices not to see the connections between what could be described as the inaugural homelessness of the Amerindians and the African’s Hitler’s lebensraum, today' more

African Bullets and Honey ( reports on a Times of London article on “The Love Affair Between the Maasai and the English!”.
The language of the article is blatantly racist and mimics something out of a 19thCentury travel journal through “darkest Africa” to serve the tables of Victorian Britain in the construction of race and racism!

“The Masai embodied everything the English yearned to more

Egyptian blog, "" ( has resurfaced in a new blog called "In mourning". He reports ( on the predictable backlash against British Muslims following the July 7th bombings in London. He asks whether the failure by the mainstream media to report the "faith related more

Introducing Blogs

Blogs, short for Weblogs, are the people's media. A blog is a website that enables anyone to write their story, express their opinions on other people's stories, articles and reports, provide commentary, alternative views and additional facts and create lists of just about anything.

Blogs are an important development both in internet technology and in the production of media. Each entry is date and time stamped and posts appear in chronological order and more

Thank you for articulating so clearly what many of us have been saying for years. That there were serious compromises made at the time of South Africa's independence; that the urban and rural poor in SA have nothing to celebrate after 11 years of so called freedom. The freedom in SA has been a freedom for the elite non-white population, for the business sector who have continued to make money off the lives of the poor and of course the white elite have continued in their prosperity and more

Joel Bisina has written an informative article on the Niger Delta (Pambazuka News 167). However there are a few points I would like to add.

Apart from a very brief mention of Ken Saro-Wiwa and Odi, Bisina fails to mention the state sponsored violence that has been taking place for the past 14 years. Nor does he mention the issue of demands for autonomy and resource control made by all the ethnic nationalities (please let us throw the word tribe into the dustbin of colonialism) of more