Sokari Ekine

S M Lee

If Uganda’s Anti-Homosexuality Bill is passed into law, the implications for LGBT people, and for the rights of everyone across Africa are ‘horrific’, writes Sokari Ekine. ‘Utterly inhumane’, the bill violates all African Union and International human rights legislation and treaties to which Uganda is signatory, says Ekine, but if it were to be passed, the chances are strong that some of 38 African countries criminalising same-sex relationships would attempt to copy it. Can a new book ‘ more

The encouragement of homophobia by religious groups in Kenya and Uganda, Jacob Zuma’s 'polygamy drama' and the misuse of mobile phones to fuel violence in Nigeria’s Jos conflicts are among the stories covered in Sokari Ekine’s round-up of the African blogosphere.

In this week’s round-up of the African blogosphere, Sokari Ekine is disappointed to find little commentary from Africa on the recent Haiti earthquake. She looks to bloggers in the diaspora instead, to shed light on events and to investigate the historical connections between Haiti and Africa.

The ‘Nigerian bomber’, the attacks on the Togolese football team, LGBTI politics in Africa, the mafia and migrant workers in Italy and a murder in London are among the topics in Sokari Ekine’s roundup of the African blogosphere.

Sokari Ekine presents a selection of posts from her favourite commentators on the arts and literature in the African blogosphere.

The rich are swindling the poor in the DRC and Zimbabwe, and no one seems to be in charge of a rudderless Nigeria, writes Sokari Ekine in this week’s roundup of the African blogosphere.

A call for more female leadership across the continent, discrimination on the basis of sexual orientation, the stigma attached to HIV/AIDS and the trial of Charles Taylor are among the stories in Sokari Ekine’s selection of the best of the African blogosphere for this week’s edition of Pambazuka News.

Uganda’s Anti Homosexuality Bill – and how you can help stop this legislation from being passed, national elections in Niger, violence in Guinea and the impact of rising sea levels on African cities are among the topics in this week’s round-up of the African blogosphere.

The UN World Habitat Day, the attacks against Durban's Abahlali baseMjondolo, the campaign against Nestlé's buying milk from Robert Mugabe and Muammar al-Gaddafi's deal with Europe are among the topics covered in Sokari Ekine's fortnightly round-up of the African blogosphere for Pambazuka News.