David Ng'ang'a

Waranya Moni doesn't work for a UN agency, does (s)he? We could do with more African solutions to African issues. Maybe President Obasanjo would learn something on how to curb the supposed imminent civil strife in Nigeria if he was to intervene in Darfur? Rather than noting a lack of political will amongst African political leaders, we should be encouraging the political will, otherwise we'll end up being part of the problem Waranya.

It is articles like this inspired editorial that make your newsletter invaluable (Pambazuka News 139: How Africa develops Europe). Whereas most press outside Africa portray doom and gloom in Africa (as aptly pointed out in the editorial), you offer a rich mix of the good and bad on the continent.

Yes indeed, we Africans need to stand up against the 21st century menace to Africa; the economic, social, and political exploitation of the continent by the so-called 'developed' countries. ...read more

I am appalled by the editorial in your current newsletter by one Ian Taylor. It makes for depressing reading and is reminiscent of the Western media which is always out to bash and discredit Africa.

For one Mr Taylor seems to have a very strong opinion regarding Zimbabwe elections and concomitant reaction around which African issues in his eyes orbit. Quoting one ‘respected professor’, he starts by prophesying ‘fallout’ as a result of the ‘election debacle’. He goes ahead to discredit ...read more