Equatorial Guinea

In a recent article by the Financial Times, it was suggested that the regime of Mr Obiang is an embarrassment to the US, which is showing interest in west African oil and claims a "positive, constructive relationship" with the country. This is despite a recent human rights report by the State Department which said "there was little evidence that the government used the country's oil wealth for the public good. Most oil wealth appears to be concentrated in the hands of top government officials...read more

Fourteen foreigners went on trial in the tiny oil-rich state of Equatorial Guinea on Monday, charged with plotting a mercenary invasion to overthrow President Teodoro Obiang Nguema, a government official in the capital Malabo said. The eight South Africans and six Armenians were arrested in Malabo on 6 March. They were charged with conniving with 70 South African mercenaries who were arrested 24 hours later in Zimbabwe as they were allegedly on their way to Equatorial Guinea to mount an invas...read more

The Spanish NGO, Equatorial Guinea Solidarity Forum (FSGE) announced this week that it is to lodge a lawsuit in the Spanish courts calling for the investigation of bank accounts in the name of Equatorial Guinea's President. The move follows the US Senate's report last week which found around $700m in the Washington-based Riggs bank in accounts under the names of Obiang, his family and associates.

A US Senate investigation into lax controls on money laundering at a Washington bank has revealed the misappropriation of at least US$35 million of oil revenues by President Teodoro Obiang Nguema of Equatorial Guinea and his family and other senior government officials since the country started exporting oil in the mid 1990s.

The government of Equatorial Guinea, the rags-to-riches West African petro-state where major U.S. oil companies have invested billions of dollars in recent years, has violently put down the latest coup plot against it, summarily executing at least a dozen alleged rebels and rounding up and torturing relatives and associates of an opposition party accused of sponsoring the coup attempt, according to Amnesty International. The alleged coup attempt, which the government itself announced May 30, ...read more