Dennis Brutus

This is terror
that surpasses words
that extends
the bounds of terrorism
beyond inexpressible
beyond unimaginable
beyond inconceivable


That they who endured so much
should, themselves, inflict so much
should inflict so much pain on others

Anguish beyond words



* Dennis Brutus is a veteran of the South African liberation more

International campaign for freedom of thought and creativity and for solidarity with the Egyptian novelist and writer Nawal El Saadawi.

The Egyptian writer and novelist Nawal El Saadawi, well known both in the Arab world and internationally, is facing a political and religious campaign mounted against her by the authorities of Al-Azhar. Basing themselves on her play entitled God resigns at the Summit Meeting published during January 2007 in Cairo, they are accusing her of apostasy more

A further comment anent the great march from Alex to Sandton. The gathering of multiple voices, multiple concerns and multiple demands at Speakers Corner, Sandton, was the new face of the new struggle. It is the face of resistance that will confront the new corporate power which threatens us globally. It comes at the necessary time. European power theorists are discussing worriedly, as they did at a recent meeting during the World Summit, "The future of Multilateralism". But in the U.S. more