Fatoumata Toure

Pan-Africanism is at the heart of the continent’s total liberation. Tajudeen, and all other Pan-Africanists, understood that without this, the restoration of the freedom, values and dignity of Africa’s people is impossible.

Fatoumata Toure argues from the spirit of endurance that has guided the Haitian people over two centuries of struggle.

Thank you Ndugu Issa. Where in the Blair Commission report do they mention compensation to the Kenyan women raped and brutalised by their "Johnies" and Gurhkahs in the name of Cold War freedom, defense and security. Freedom? All these perorations as these ignored women strive for justice in the shadow of high tech military bases and six star tourist hotels? Africa and the Third World do not need their poisoned chalice of crocodile tears. We have two sayings: those who weep harder than the ber...read more

Hooray! With a masterstroke of the pen Antoinnette Ntuli has given true meaning to the Kiswawhili word "kupambazuka": morning has broken (Pambazuka 139: How Africa develops Europe). Not only did Europe under develop Africa but Africa is still developing the world and haemorrhaging for it. The stuff terrorism is made of!

I would have liked the editorial (Pambazuka News 131: Liberation and the Unfinished Business of Democratic Consolidation in Southern Africa) to go into the gendered dynamics of frustration beyond the new class now handing over their briefcases to ubiquitous body guards. The other day some young ladies came to the Pan African Movement and I said I was a radical feminist in the sense that I want to get to the root of the problem: Why are women marginalized and why are promises not kept? Why hav...read more

I am intrigued by the number of suggestions made to Thabo Mbeki to do something about Zimbabwe which is "dragging down the whole continent". Every African has a right to "life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness" but with most Africans still considered drawers of water and hewers of wood, happiness went out of the window a long time ago! Secondly, I wonder why Thabo should really have that mandate when South Africa is strategically closer to the keepers of the gateways to the empire! Try ge...read more