Simon Hinds

Black people around the world are undermined by the black critics of Mugabe. The black critics are supporting white supremacist beliefs that black people:
i. should be denied rights and economic benefits enjoyed by white people;
ii. should support white leadership because of their inferiority.

In general, the Zimbabwean issue is about whether black people can limit the selfish interference of Western elites in their own countries. In particular, it is about black people more

I am a black and not uncritical supporter of Zanu-PF. I find criticism of Mugabe from Western politicians and media disingenuous. I find the nature of criticism from black people alarming. I do not believe critical black people are ignorant of the covert, neo-colonial agenda by white, political and economic elites. Indeed, I believe they accept that they are supporting it. Many describe Mugabe as a "brutal dictator". Even senior UK politicians last year argued for armed intervention. Yet, by more