Kerry Jane Gutridge

I am outraged at the prospect of South Africa undertaking to assist Zimbabwe in repaying her debt.

What debt, pray?! The tyrannical platform from which the G8 contemplates Africa is tiresome and dangerous. Our Renaissance is in its infancy and as such vulnerable and requiring nurturing. Perhaps when our Northern, rich Western brethren have taken responsibility for the planetary bother they have caused we will be more interested in their self appointed role as moral prefects insulting more

I read, with a sense of relief, that Madiba has expressed his anger with the United States of America. Not a moment too soon. However endearing the 330 million individuals who constitute the American people may be, the mindset that this super power has produced is beyond doubt, a serious threat to world peace. Why? Well take a load of the arsenal for starters. Then let us consider this not so small matter of economic imperialism. Such a cool gig: got the bucks, call the shots. Sick more