Emmie Chanika

Following the ‘brutal killing’ of activist Andries Tatane ‘at a peaceful rally’ in South Africa, Emmie Chanika calls for solidarity with grassroots and civil society organisations.

I just wanted you to know that Runnart Kambudzi died recently. Runnart was one of the pioneer staff members of Civil Liberties Committee.

She was an administrator and Gender officer. I preferred to refer to her as assistant director because the two of us did the donkey work with help from the founder members and dedicated members of CILIC. Whenever the wind turned against me personally, which could be nasty, she would manage to sooth me. She would convince me to go and meet people I...read more

I agree with the writer who has decided not to attend the Social Forum again until grassroots are involved. I tried to fight for the same for Beijing’s Women Conference to my own antagonism in the end, but I do not regret. That is the strongest protest one can do. It doesn't matter if you are ostracised later, other sensible forums who see potential in you will always invite you to something you can contribute effectively and that makes more sense.

And no wonder such forums are used...read more