Alex Weir

It is a little-known fact that around 1950 "Made in Japan" was synonymous with shoddy low-quality low-durability goods; The Japanese fixed that problem, as everyone knows.

Nowadays goods produced in Mainland China are very variable - some are of high quality, but many are not. China is now flooding Africa not only with consumer goods but also with industrial goods and durable consumer items. The problem arises when governments and wholesalers engineer a situation where only Chinese more

John Githongo's recent revelations about corruption in Kenya are timely and welcome. What most people do not realize is that in most 3rd world countries corruption is top-down-bottom-up i.e. it originates from the president, and over 95% of acts of corruption (by value) result in a large (typically 80%) share of the proceeds going back up the ladder directly to the president. The 20% share stays with the perpetrator of the corruption; and the 80% guarantees that the perpetrator enjoys more

In addition to prosecuting third world leaders with blood on their hands, the ICC and other similar courts must also prosecute western political leaders, corporate leaders, and civil servants whose decisions and actions have directly and/or indirectly resulted in atrocities (Pambazuka News 144: Africa and the ICC: Is Africa ready and waiting?).
Alex Weir, Zimbabwe

Please also consider the immunity from prosecution of Margaret Thatcher and other UK and USA leaders from their actions in installing illegally Idi Amin, Robert Mugabe and other persons who have had wreaked untold physical, political, economic and social havoc on various third world countries; you could also include various UK FCO and USA state department officials and ex-officials. (Pambazuka 144: Confronting impunity through the ICC: Is Africa ready and waiting?)