Eno Anwana

Just to say keep on the good work and struggle for the self actualization of the African Child. Your articles have been timely and a good collection of reference material on issues affecting our dear continent. Wishing you and your team a very prosperous new year! And praying that the message of social justice and equity would be read and acted upon by the global community.

From the slave trade era of the 15th century to the crude oil era of the 20th century, Nigeria's natural resource history has been fraught by a systemic cartel of merchants whose primary agenda was in the amount of natural resources they could garner from the country. In their exploitative ventures they raided whole communities, introduced internecine wars and conflicts, and ignited a raging fire of habitat degradation and fragmentation.

Historical records tell of the fact that the ...read more

Your newsletter deserves great commendation. It's been useful as a good tracker of events on social justice in Africa. The multifaceted approach adopted on social issues, in addition to the plurality of views, gives it a rich blend of highlights on key social issues.

My comment takes root in the concept of sustainable development in Africa, especially with concern to our natural resources.

African leaders are apt to ratify international conventions and treaties without a p...read more