Eric Reeves


The US leads the world in the global war against terror. It has ranked Sudan among nations that support terrorism. Yet despite ample evidence of Khartoum’s terrorist activities within and outside the country, the US treats the Sudanese regime as a cherished ally


The horrendous violence that has torn the lives of South Sudanese in the past three weeks has caught many people by utter surprise. Former Vice President Riek Machar, believed to be leading a rebellion against President Salva Kiir, appears determined to get a favourable political settlement at whatever cost

Debt relief for Sudan gives the Sudanese goverment a lifeline to continue to oppress its people. Yet, the reasons for Sudan’s external indebtedness derive from various forms of corruption that many Western governments turn a blind eye to


Underneath widespread state-sponsored violence in Sudan is an imploding economy, thanks to 24 years of gross mismanagement of a nation rich in natural resources by the al Bashir regime. When will the desperate realities re-ignite the recently repressed uprising?


The regime in Khartoum has adamantly refused to resolve the Abyei issue based on internationally agreed protocols. This week the people of Abyei, fed up with President Omar al Bashir’s shenanigans, voted in a self-organised symbolic referendum to determine their status


For Sudan which listed as a sponsor of terrorism and whose president is a suspected war criminal, the invitation to Washington of Al Bashir’s aide is an extraordinary reward to a regime that craves nothing so much as legitimacy, and to a man who is utterly ruthless and savagely cruel


There is hardly any meaningful international response to the horrible suffering of up to a million Sudanese now targeted in a military campaign by President Al Bashir – who is already indicted for crimes against humanity by the International Criminal Court.

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‘After so many years of work on Sudan, I thought myself fully braced for the worst the National Islamic Front/National Congress Party regime might do. As so often before, I was wrong. The litany of egregious violations of international humanitarian and human rights law over the past five weeks is simply overwhelming---in South Kordofan, in Abyei, but in other areas along the North/South border as well.’ Eric Reeves provides an overview of the situation.

History has already recorded your substantial culpability during the Rwandan genocide ten years ago, and your failure to work effectively as head of UN peacekeeping during this terrible time. Judgment is a good deal more severe than your own recent admission that "you could have done more."

But with your present inadequate response, as UN Secretary-General, to the massive crimes against humanity, ethnic cleansing, and genocide in Darfur, Sudan, you are compounding your failures of more