Chukwu-Emeka Chikezie


A post-2015 agenda must not only focus on jobs but must also be bold in setting some goals for job-creation. The diaspora has a big role in this. After all, what good is development if it doesn’t result in decent jobs?

In the context of World Refugee Day on June 20 and African Diaspora & Development Day (ad3) on July 02, Chukwu-Emeka Chikezie from the African Foundation for Development (AFFORD), suggests that helping the West to wean itself of African aid would be “a great leap forward for humanity”.

In Western media coverage African (and other) refugees and asylum seekers are frequently vilified as illegal aliens, as leeches sucking all the good out of a generous but gullible West taken for a more

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A Grateful Africa Gives Something Back Not content to take and take and take, Africa finally rewards the ever-generous Western giver with a warm-hearted gesture of her own. A pleasantly surprised world will look on in wonder and moist eyes as Africa demonstrates a capacity (yes, that's right, capacity) for compassion bordering on the downright selfless. But in these troubled times is it not right that an Africa that has so much should give a little something to those more

I wonder whether anyone can help me: I’m looking for good material that will provide me with an overview of civil society in Africa, how it is structured, what are its constituent parts, where new developments are emerging from, where it might be headed, what its relations with African states & global civil society might be, what is exciting about it, what is depressing or worrying, etc, etc. I’d be grateful for pointers to websites, articles, books, etc. Many thanks in advance for your help.