Chris Maina Peter

Haroub Othman could have worked anywhere in the world, but out of a deep love for the country, 'he chose Tanzania as his station in life', writes his former student and friend Chris Miana Peter, in a tribute to the 'irreplaceable' professor. Othman was one of the most committed academics and civil society activists in Tanzania and Zanzibar, says Peter. His remarkable work through the Zanzibar Legal Services Centre established him as a local institution, while many of his students, whom he more

I have read your article with a lot of interest (Pambazuka News 156, Comment and Analysis). It is accurate and very informative. One of the issues you raise about the diverting of "Bush Money" to faith based organisations was also raised as a serious concern by one of the NGOs funded by Ford Foundation at a Ford Grantees Round Table held at the Centre for Basic Research.

Led by the First Lady of Uganda (who is said to be a born-again Christian), faith-based organisations are not more