Kioi wa Mbugua

I am impressed by the amount of space your online magazine has given to the Zimbabwean case. It is true that the economy of Zimbabwe is in shambles. It is true that Mugabe has overstayed his welcome as head of state of Zimbabwe. It is not true that all the economic problems in Zimbabwe are Mugabe's making. It is not true that to create land for blacks from whose ancestors land was taken by force, is a bad policy. It is not true that the SADC countries just sit and watch and they don't more

'Seek ye the political Kingdom first and all else shall follow...' so runs the quotation attributed to the father of Pan Africanism, Dr. Kwame Nkrumah. I whole heartedly agree with Dr. Tajudeen's analysis of the Foreign Aid Saga in Africa. I will not dwell on the past but on the future.

Where to Africa? So cried Aime Caesaire...You who neither invented the gun powder nor the steam engine!

That poetic rendition of the African psycho-cultural disposition at the dawn of more

Certainly no one can ignore the relationship between income inequality and long term political stability in nations (Kenya: New report shows huge inequalities in income, welfare []). Crimes in the inner cities of the US and in Brazil and increasing crimes in both urban and rural Kenya are symptoms of income inequality.

The first study on income inequality in Kenya was more

Upbeat mood in Washington News of Prof. Wangari Maathai's award of the Nobel Peace Prize has instantly raised the face of Kenya in the international community. Everyone here is happy with the decision of the Noble Committee in Oslo. It is important for Kenyans to reflect on this award and what it means for Kenya. Wangari has become the first African woman to win the coveted peace prize. Kenya now ranks second to South Africa in the journey of peace. The first peace prize in Africa was more

The British ambassador has no right to abuse an elected Kenyan government whatsoever (Pambazuka News 167). Britain as a former colonial master continues to exploit Kenyans unprecedently. The purported UK foreign aid to Kenya is less than ten per cent of UK profits repatriated from Kenya every year. No sane journalist will dare to expose these statistics. Instead a lie is perpetuated about a caring and benevolent master at the expense of African dignity.

If UK is such a caring more