Liu Haifang

In the wake of the Sharm El-Shikh meeting, Chinese ministries and organizations are even busier mobilising all necessary resources to make up a few shortfalls in achieving “the eight policy measures to enhance practical cooperation with African countries, writes Liu Haifang.

The article, , provokes audience to analyze the current situation by re-thinking the post-colonial history in a broader spectrum of the whole of Southern Africa. I would like to add the same is to be found in the history of other countries of Tiers Mond. One point is that many countries are affected by the unconcious heritage of the "revolutionary movement", or the effect of double-edged sword.

Secondly, as the generation growing up in post-revolutionary age, we should learn how to more

Information you provide is very detailed and up to date. At the same time, I think the articles are very profound and provocative. I, myself, as a scholar who researches African society, am often greatly benefited.