Okwa Morphy Enebeli

I praise the courage of these women who gathered in J'bourg and came up with such insight (See As all women in her condition, Khwezi needs the protection of the law. If the police in South Africa have failed to protect her against the threats and intimidation, the court is in a good position to order the police to do so. In order not to send a wrong signal to the other women in similar situation, the time to act is now.

We should not fail to understand that the fear of intimidation, t...read more

Your interview with Rudy Amenga-Etego is worthy of commendation (Pambazuka News 171). I completely agree with him that the privatisation of water is not the best option for Ghana and Africa in general, which has no welfare provisions. It goes to show the failure on the part of African Governments to provide for the people they are supposed to govern. The failure of these essential amenities are due largely to the corruption that has become endemic in governance in Africa. The privatisation...read more