Bette Stockbauer

There is a large contingent of US citizens, including myself, who think that John Kerry received a plurality of the popular votes in certain key states that determined the election, namely Ohio and Florida. We think that George Bush stole the election by manipulating the vote count in various ways. We also believe that this was done in the 2000 election in Florida (the state that had the decisive vote count), by his brother, Jeb, who was, and still is, governor of Florida. If it could more

Thank you for your excellent publication. I have been subscribing for several years and always find many things of interest. I use your section on fundraising to trace down possible donors for a conservation program I sponsor in Africa. Several times now I have found something that interests me on the Thusanang website. However, the url you publish only takes you to the home page. It is a difficult job to find the specific article cited because there are so many categories listed and one more