Patricia McFadden

Exactly - where is the outrage? ... the question that is goes to the heart of the matter for the entire continent. It can be answered very briefly with two responses: too many Africans gave up the ability to be outraged when they allowed their agency to become the fuel that drives 'global ngos' which have usurped our voices and our agendas - they speak for us and define what we should think about our own lives and futures.

I found the piece by Hetty Kovach on the IMF "interesting" in that it seemed to be trying to say the same thing that has been said many times (and we all need to hear about the IMF's economic and political machinations as often as possible) in a new way...and maybe there was some variation somewhere. (See

However, I also was left feeling rather exasperated by the absence of a more definitive political analysis of why the IMF has consistently sabotaged the societies of the Majority more

Thank you so very much for this special issue (Pambazuka News 222: Women's Rights Protocol: Challenges of Domestication)....keep up the good work.

The re-crafting of critical discursive spaces for debate and transformation on the African continent requires both personal courage and intellectual fearlessness. It's good to be in such fine company....

I read the comments by Bond and Moore - who are obviously considered the 'gurus' on Zimbabwe and on southern Africa in many circles - how little things have changed, especially when it comes to knowledge production and dissemination in this region (and globally) - the white man always knows best!!!

I personally am sick and tired of the arrogant and dismissive manner in which mainly white liberals, who sometimes parade as leftist (since when has Jubilee become a leftist movement, by more

One of the most profoundly amazing features of human society is the manner in which we have created – often through difficult and protracted struggles amongst ourselves, notions and practices of inclusion and acceptability, as well as brutal rituals and systems of exclusion and denigration. The human narrative is rife with battles over the ownership of wealth and identity; over the occupancy of space and the control over the physical and creative capacities of some groups or individuals by more