Waranya Moni

The UN International Commission of Inquiry established by Security Council Resolution 1564 on 18 September 2004 to "investigate reports of violations of international humanitarian law and human rights law in Darfur by all parties, to determine also whether or not acts of genocide have occurred" completed its work and submitted its findings to the UN Secretary General on 31 January 2005.

Although the report did not find genocide to have occurred in Darfur, it confirms that serious viol...read more

The strong opposition of the AU to the UN sending 9,000 troops to monitor the implementation of the recently signed Sudan Peace Accord signed on January 9 between the government of Sudan and SPLA is mind-boggling. According to the AU, there is no "need for peacekeeping where people have agreed mut ally to cease hostilities."

It appears the AU has not read the comprehensive peace agreement that calls for the presence of a U.N. peace mission.  The presence of this international force is ...read more

Dear Editor: I have been following the insightful and comprehensive discussion on the issue of genocide that has been taking place in Pambazuka. I am now more informed of the causes and the challenges facing those seeking to solutions to the crisis in the Western Sudan region of Darfur. I have also closely followed the actions being taken by the African Union and have been very disappointed to note that so far its intervention has been chaotic. I have no doubt that if the AU is to continue...read more