Robin Palmer

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A review of: (1) Fred Pearce, The Landgrabbers. The New Fight over Who Owns the Planet, Eden Project Books, London, 2012, pp.xii + 388, £20; and (2) GRAIN, The Great Food Robbery: How corporations control food, grab land and destroy the climate, Pambazuka Press, Oxford, 2012, pp.164, £14.95.

It would be hard to exaggerate the significance of land as an asset for the poor in today’s structurally adjusted, economically liberalised and globalised world. Trying to understand the many dynamics at play in today's complex post-Cold War world is not easy. As someone who since 1997 has tried to support Oxfam International staff, partners and allies engaged in land issues principally, but not exclusively, in Africa, I feel this problem acutely. What is really happening in the contexts more