Oru Ntui

I just wanted to make this observation:

The head of every state should indeed be a good leader. When this is not the case like in most Afrikan countries, then we the people should assume the responsibility of educating ourselves first and then others. We will then be talking about assuming good leadership.

The time has long past when we Afrikans should even talk about debt cancellation. Even the capitalist countries do not expect our countries to pay back these "debts". They use...read more

I agree with you entirely on this issue (Pan-African Postcard: Gluttons who vomit on shoes, 29 July 2004). I just wanted to say that this British High Commissioner is serving a country where pirates and thieves of the worst sort are worshiped as national heroes. This tells you everything about his lot.

Talk about gluttons, do they Europeans ever get satisfied with anything? They want to possess and control the whole world. And to think they are our “donors”: is Western Europe still no...read more