Mohau Pheko

Far from being bad news for Africa, the July collapse of World Trade Organisation talks aimed at fostering a global free trade regime is actually an unexpected bonus. Out of the breakdown in negotiations should come a new trading system that is beneficial to Africa’s women, says Mohau Pheko.

The Collapse of the WTO Doha negotiations are good for Africa and women. This is an opportunity for Africa to move away from the myth that the Doha Round was a 'developmental round'. Nothing could more

For women on the continent of Africa, the upcoming 6the Ministerial Conference of the World Trade Organisation (WTO) in Hong Kong in December will stand out as the apogee of failure for the globalisation project.

Women and social movements have articulated the need for economic democracy. This involves the equitable participation of all people in the ownership of the productive assets on which livelihoods depend upon.

Some of the key messages African women are sending to the more