Ezra Limiri Mbogori

I am not an economist and have often steered clear of the subject for fear of exposing my ignorance, so will often look and simply smile when confronted with a mountain of facts and figures that are meant to make a strong economic argument one way or the other. I usually try to get the flow of the argument and react accordingly, with the measure of politeness that befits an African. If the truth be told though, I do have a tough time extending any measure of trust to economists. Their constan...read more

I would imagine that we are all familiar with the maxim that 'societies get the leaders they deserve'. Being Kenyan myself, I have often wondered as I watch the twists and turns that Kenya goes through, what it is that Kenyans have done to deserve what they have in terms of leaders. While I do not have a ready answer to this question, I often think that so long as there is some learning happening, so long as there is a semblance of forward movement, we must continue to hope, to be vigilant ...read more