Barbara Murray

Thank you for the excellent article Pitfalls of export processing zones by Herbert Jauch [].

A copy of this article should be sent to every minister of finance and minister of trade in every African country. It should be printed and hung on the wall of every parliament building and every 'investment centre' and every university economics department in Africa. It relates more

Following the civil war in Mozambique a very effective programme was started in which people with weapons could negotiate to exchange their weapons for an item which they themselves nominated and which would enable them to earn a living, for example, a plough, a sewing machine, a bicycle, a typewriter. In some cases a community that had a cache of hidden weapons would hand them over in exchange for a water pump or solar electricity generator for the community.

In this way people were more

Is there an online protest so the women of the world can demonstrate their support for Khwezi? (See

Pambazuka News replies: The One in Nine campaign has been organised to support Kwezi. You can find out more at

Please can you publish some exposure and analysis of the current lethal exploitation of African countries' resources by China. Statistics, if any? If accessible?

The articles in the first of the special issues on trade justice are excellent, but as we necessarily focus on Europe, USA and multi national corporations, China is undercutting, with alarming speed, what were advances in African manufacturing.

Talking to friends from many African countries, it seems that each country more

Thank you for that brilliant article by Charles Abruge. When I got to the second last paragraph of Francis B. Nyamnjoh's article, although directed at problems with democracy in Africa, it seemed to fit much more aptly in a description of that extraordinarily undemocratic bunch: the G7++++. This paragraph seems to describe exactly what we saw in action at Gleneagles.

"The mere call for an exploration of alternatives is, as we have seen almost everywhere [on the continent - replace more

Although there is overwhelming evidence of the iniquitous nature of the IMF and WTO, there are continuous revelations that are just unbelievable in their inhumanity - the latest being the item about the number of teachers in Mozambique being restricted by the IMF. The same effect must be felt in the health professions, nurses and doctors and workers in the HIV/AIDS battle. Are these also restricted by this IMF clause? How does that 7% of GDP compare with the same expenditure in overdeveloped more