Patrick Bond and David Moore

We cannot do much about the colour of our skins or our ancestors but we are democratic socialists, a pre-requisite of which is freedom of expression and participation in the means of decision making regarding the conditions of material life. 'Free and fair' elections of representatives to parliamentary institutions reflecting popular consent are a necessary - but not sufficient - component of this process. On those grounds we could accept a 'liberal' label for now or temporary alliances with more

Zanu PF swept to victory in the March 31 Zimbabwe elections, consolidating the power of long-term president Robert Mugabe with a two-thirds majority that will enable him to change the constitution. Amidst allegations of vote-rigging and debates over the free and fair nature of the poll, Patrick Bond and David Moore explain what happened and why it matters, while at the same time spelling out the terrain for future solidarity efforts.

The official results of Zimbabwe's March 31 more