Alfred Mafuleka

President Zuma is 'not a saint', writes Alfred Muleka, but as a proud Zulu man, a traditonalist and a nationalist, he deserves 'protection and respect under the constitution'. Polygamy is not illegal in South Africa, says Muleka, so let's respect this right rather than judging it by Western stanadards.

© South Africa’s constitution guarantees rights but it doesn’t set out reciprocal responsibilities and that’s where this young democracy’s problems start, argues Alfred Mafuleka. Some people feel the country has gone down on morals, says Mafuleka, and this year’s general elections are a huge test of its character. Outlining the internal problems that led to a more

Zimbabwe remains a sensitive issue, that has been allowed to fester to almost unredeemable proportions. But it is the people of Zimbabwe who must stand up and be counted. Yes, they need support from all of us in Africa and the world, but they must know that they have the power to decide how they want their country to move forward.

It is clear that the outgoing ruling elite of Zanu-PF is not willing to let go of power. The irony of the situation in Zimbabwe is that you hear of only more

I cannot agree more with Tajudeen Abdul-Raheen’s views regarding Africa’s participation in the World Cup. The positive of it especially the 2006 is that all the African countries that were there did play the best they could with Ghana giving excellent account of what African football is all about. Pity, none of them could reach the last stages but Ghana made all of Africa proud by reaching the last 16 group stage. Disparities in terms of economic status is so glaring in the World Cup, the more

It is disappointing to the people of the SADC region in particular and us South African people that the elections in Zimbabwe were so "manipulated", and leaves us almost helpless. The main concern is the picture this gives the world at large. Independent analysis of the elections clearly suggests that the elections were not free and fair, though it appeared as if they were due to the sophisticated nature of the system used.

The SADC Guidelines were flouted in a diplomatic manner this more