Steve Cisler

The author barely mentions corruption which is again in the news with Kenya's watchdog fleeing the country. There are 2.9 million references on Google for 'Kenya corruption' and about half that for 'Kenya transparency.'

I think wealthy countries' perceptions about corruption in Africa are big factors in aid policies. So much assistance is crisis management instead of community development. With the H5N1 virus found in Kaduna state Nigeria, let's see how Nigerian and outside experts more

Thanks for posting that provocative essay. I had seen a critique of the charity infomercials that are shown frequently on some channels here in the US. The documentarian/director was shooting the charity representative and the little child from the (barrio, refugee camp, remote village). As he began to shoot he called, "More flies!!"

Even though I was aware of this kind of manipulation, the stories in these ads (sometimes an hour long) can be well told and convinced me that this more