Owen Sichone

Rejecting EPAs and consolidating regional economic communities may well be the first step in Africa’s move towards regaining independence, writes Owen Sichone.

Responding to Glenn Ashton's , Owen Sichone points out that riots are not necessarily driven by xenophobia.

Regarding Stephen Marks’s article , China's (or Korea's or Britain's, for that matter) plan to secure future sources of food and raw materials for its people makes a lot of sense. What we need to figure out is the behaviour of Africa leaders who give away land, take in toxic waste by the shipload and condemn their own citizens to slave wages. What exactly are they doing?

In response to , France can never redeem itself in Africa so dont mind them. The onus is on Kagame and Museveni to show that they have outgrown gunslinging and can make genuine peace.

The 1994 Rwanda genocide was not the first nor sadly was it the last. We know the Franco-Belgian legacy in Central Africa but it is our own gun men (people for who political power can only grow from the barrel of the gun) that are killing us now. Is Africa ready to put militarist murderers on trial or mu...read more

Owen Sichone responds to Pius Adesanmi on the issue of black South Africa's xenophobia towards other Africans

I was quite amazed by Pius Adesanmi's description of South African xenophobia mainly because it was such a non-African perspective. At the end I was left thinking "They've got you my brother, they've got you."

Everyone knows that xenophobia is a problem in South Africa so there is no need to differ with him on that point. However, the Biafran war alone should prove that ...read more

I would probably agree with most of Wanda's observations on what is wrong with the "New" South Africa and clearly the answer to his question is that NO the struggle for emancipation is not over yet. However, most people would probably agree with that for one reason or another. Even the most comfortable members of the black elite argue for more transformation rather than less. Even the leader of the ANC, president Mbeki publicly and very consistently calls for "a better life FOR ALL".

T...read more