Bev Clark

This morning I looked at my right front tyre and just like it, I felt rather deflated. Not wanting to chance the trip to work I decided to nip down to our friendly under the tree tyre and air entrepreneurs. They’ve been around for years and in times of need they’ve always come through for me. Unfortunately this morning the patch of free land that they occupy near Rhodesville Shopping Centre was empty. These guys have been chased away, just like so many others, in one of Mugabe’s latest acts more

I read your article in Pambazuka with interest because I think the issues you raise are not solely South Africa (obviously). Maybe my question is too big to answer right now, maybe you can point me in the right direction? In any case, here in Zimbabwe in some high density areas (used to be called townships under Smith) working class Zimbabweans are going several weeks without water whilst those more privileged people in low density areas experience intermittent water cuts. We now see people more