Soren Ambrose

On the opening day of the G-8 summit, leading international debt cancellation advocacy groups declared that the debt deal G-8 leaders negotiated 2 years ago has not solved the debt crisis and issued a strong call to the G-8 to stop the activities of so-called "vulture funds".

Compared to 20 years ago in Kenya, people live for ten years less on average, more children die in infancy and a greater proportion of those who survive face stunting. Why? Soren Ambrose makes a case for holding the International Monetary Fund (IMF) responsible, arguing that the institution's obsession with low inflation rates - one of the foundations of trade liberalization - starves economies and hurts the poor.

On March 6, Kenya's Assistant Minister for Health, Enock Kibunguchy, more

Debt cancellation poses a problem for powerful countries in that the absence of debt implies a loss of control over weaker countries. Soren Ambrose points to a new International Monetary Fund (IMF) "facility" that would allow conditions to be imposed on countries even if they were no longer officially indebted to the IMF or taking loans from it. The use of this "facility" could limit the positive impact of debt cancellation, he writes.

A recent announcement by International Monetary more