Kamran Mofid


Prof Mazrui was widely published and here we reproduce his keynote speech in 2005 at the Fourth Annual Conference organised by the Globalization for the Common Good Initiative. GCGI Founder Prof. Kamran Mofid shared this speech with Pambazuka News in memory of his friend.

The security of Africa's development is under threat if the rising phenomenon of jobless growth and high youth unemployment is not addressed

The continuous existence of such high levels of abject poverty in Africa and elsewhere in the world in its very nature is an affront to God and humanity and thus can never be justified. You, the leaders of the G8, have an opportunity in the coming weeks to begin to reverse this inhumanity and injustice, once and for all, and leave your mark on history. This open letter is a message from Africa, the Africans, in association with their non-African brethrens who recently attended an internationa...read more