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Pambazuka News responds to an email from Global Peace-keepers Team claiming that:

‘The Editor of Pambazuka who supported the illegal actions of NATO and Rebels against the legitimate State of Libya which led to the deaths of over 150,000 Libyan Citizens, is now supporting the false reports of Aisha Gaddafi calling for the overthrow of the new Libyan Regime.’

They further alleged that by posting this summary Pambazuka News has put at risk the lives of Aisha Gaddafi and more

Pambazuka News has published Tajudeen’s weekly Pan-African Postcard regularly since 2004. While we joke that Tajudeen’s writing was ‘an editor’s nightmare’, it was first and foremost a source of penetrating, incisive insight into pan-African affairs, expressed with humour and an underlying sense of optimism and belief that, however great the challenges the continent faces, by uniting and organising, we can build Africa into a great place for all its citizens. In celebration of Tajudeen’s more

This issue, Pambazuka News 413, will be the last issue to appear in 2008. We will return on 8 January 2009. We are taking a break to recuperate and recharge our batteries. We are, we know, the lucky ones: there are millions who have no option to continue their fight against oppression and exploitation, for whom there will be no respite over the holiday break. As you celebrate the coming of the new year, spare your thoughts for them. And make a new year's resolution to help Pambazuka News more

For three years running, with your help, Pambazuka News was voted one of the top 10 who are changing the world of Internet and politics. Pambazuka News has once again been shortlisted amongst the top 25 – and once again the only Africa-related website to have been shortlisted. “This prestigious award seeks,” the judges write, “to recognize the innovators and pioneers, the dreamers and doers who bring democracy online. This year marked the toughest year ever in choosing the top 25 finalists.” more

Kwani Litfest (KLF), August 1st to 18th, is one of the more exciting and robust literary festivals taking place in Africa.

Pambazuka News has been featuring more and more African writing. We are therefore especially pleased to bring you this special issue on KLF and some of the broader issues surrounding the political and aesthetic concerns of the younger generation of African writers.

This year KLF will feature a fortnight of writerly events, culture, mingling, discussion more

Pambazuka News is getting longer and longer ...

This has happened because we are attracting more and more excellent articles from more than a 1000 analysts, activists, women's organizations, writers, artists, poets, bloggers, and commentators who together provide insightful and thoughtful analyses that make Pambazuka News one of the most innovative and influential sites for social justice in Africa.

But, as a result, the long emails we send you are becoming unmanageable. We get more

June 18 marks Nelson Mandela’s 90th Birthday. We are asking you, our readers, to send us your thoughts in a couple of lines on why this anniversary is important for you. We will publish a selection of the best comments received. Please send a sentence or two to: [email][email protected].

We are pleased to announce the launch this week of the first ever Portuguese language edition of Pambazuka News. Since the launch of the French language edition in January 2007, we have sought to expand the reach of Pambazuka News in other languages. The Portuguese language edition is not only important for enabling those in Lusophone Africa to engage with the pan African social justice movement in Africa itself, but also with the diaspora Africans in Brazil, Portugal and elsewhere. We are more

Not surprisingly we have over the last few days received a lot of comments on Zimbabwe. We offer you a sampling.

Commenting on Bill Fletcher's article "Zimbabwe: Black America must not be silent" [] Ben Laauwen writes:

"With all due respect, I think that most of the "African Americans" have little more in common with the Zimbabwe population than the colour of more