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On the 17th of November 2006, Al Jazeera published an article that reported, among other things, that the “…prime minister of Chad has announced plans to send troops to its southern neighbour Central African Republic to fight rebels allegedly backed by Sudan.”

The article further stated that “Pascal Yoadimnadji, the prime minister… also called for the ‘general mobilisation’ of Chad's people against what he called ‘a generalised war imposed by the Sudanese government.'"

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FEATURE: Wangui wa Goro discusses the importance and the role of culture in today’s society. She argues that culture should be viewed as the pulse which can feed blood into the arteries of justice, peace, democracy and development.
- Milton Allimadi interrogates the presentation of Africans in the Western media.
- According to the Slam Poetry movement, the performance of poetry is an art -- just as much an art as the art of writing it. However, is it more

The first Pan African Cultural Congress was held in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia this week (13 to 17 November 2006). The Congress was organised by the African Union (AU), and its purpose was to “review and assess the cultural sector in Africa, and consider challenges and opportunities in order to draw strategies and appropriate programmes,” according to the AU press statement.

To coincide with that conference, Pambazuka News publishes today a special issue on the theme of Culture and more

FEATURE: In the second of a three part series, Ike Okonta analyses how MEND has transformed the image of Niger Delta communities from hapless victims to an assertive political bloc.
- Rafael Marques argues that Angola is undergoing a process of commercialization as a substitute to democratization.
- Emman Ozoemena wonders if there are lessons to be learnt from the American experience in managing an open political field.
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FEATURE: With compelling evidence and historical insight, Ike Okonta traces the origins of the Niger Delta Conflict.
- What is the problem with Madonna adopting a Malawian Child? Why all the fury? Adotey Bing-Pappoe comments on the issue by analysing carefully the possible pitfalls of inter-country adoption
- Dieu–Donné Wedi Djamba considers the options of bringing lasting peace to the Democratic Republic of Congo
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FEATURE: With compelling evidence, Victoria Brittain shows how the West has used political assassinations of the Third World leaders as an effective political strategy of control
- Jacqueline Tanaka argues that for the African healthcare system to work efficiently, organisations like the Bill Gates Foundation need to provide funding to train the African physicians
- Birgit Michaelis writes that the ordinary Somalis have suffered enough
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- As in many communities in Nigeria’s oil rich Delta region, most people of Yenagoa live in mud huts. They have no hospitals, no running water, no schools. And there is unemployment too, writes Emira Woods.
-Aaron Tesfaye argues that the situation in Darfur is a grim reminder “of the after-effects of colonialism.
- Glenn Brigaldino describes Somalia as a state that only exists on paper, including maps
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Pambazuka News: Audio and video now available

Pambazuka News readers can now not only read about what’s going on in Africa, but also listen to the voices of Africa, with this week’s release of the first in a series of regular audio offerings.

Fahamu, the producers of Pambazuka News, are introducing the new feature as the first step to incorporating regular multimedia content on the Pambazuka News site, which will also include video through a partnership more

- Pambazuka News releases audio and video content
- Lansana Gberie reviews Sierra Leone's Disarmament, Demobilisation and Reintegration programme.
- Ghana must go a step further and adopt measures to protect children from abuse through advocacy, community action and awareness of children’s rights, writes Afua Twum-Danso
- Mohammed T. Yusuf argues that so far, both the government and the LRA have adhered to the Cessation of more