Ndubisi Obiorah

Economic, political and security cooperation between China and Africa has grown exponentially in the last decade, presenting new opportunities and challenges for Africa. The need for Africans to understand China, and its motives for the enhanced engagement with Africa over the last decade, is now greater than ever before, writes Ndubisi Obiorah.

The rapidly evolving relationship between China and Africa is reflected in the evolution of African perceptions of China and its motives for e...read more

I am not IT adept so please excuse my ignorance. Rather than split Pambazuka News into two separate emails, it would be easier if you had HTML headers in a table of contents at the beginning of the newsletter. That way, when a reader sees a topic of interest to him, he simply clicks on the link and he is automatically taken to the relevant topic thereby skipping all the other stuff he does not want to read. Like I said, I am not an IT adept so I don't really know the technical jargon to descr...read more