Shungu M. Tundanonga-Dikunda

It is full utopia to pretend, that there is a poor "people" kind of solidarity; see .

South Africans living in Townships are more close to Mugabe and Zanu-Pf than Tsvangarai and MDC. Nobody can expect social equity in SA as a miracle,it will take time. The Land issue can and will lead a nightmare, if nothing si done. Who talks about lost jobs in South African industrie like in the cande fruit industrie in Cape Province? Who blames the EU for destroying this industrie?

I'm more

Patrick Bond wrote: "…using license to loot the Democratic Republic of the Congo during the late 1990s civil war…" (

Shocking to read this rubbish. Is it a civil war when foreign armed forces cross a border to attack another state or is it an invasion? Rwanda, Uganda and Burundi crossed the Congolese borders on August 2nd 1998 and occupied the Congolese cities of Goma, Bukavu and more