Ifeoma Okoye

A collection of nine short stories, from Ifeoma Okoye, an established academic and writer of fiction, who won the Commonwealth Short Story Competition, Africa Region, in 1999. The title story tells the tale of Anayo, a grief-stricken and pregnant widow, who stands accused by her jealous brother-in-law, Ezeji, of poisoning her husband. Anayo faces a dehumanising and humiliating trial under the clan's traditional laws. An educated women, she stands firm and achieves some concessions, but can do...read more

The Trial and Other Stories
Ifeoma Okoye
African Heritage Press, 2005
Distributed by African Books Collective Limited

“The Trial and Other Stories” is a collection of poignant and painful narratives about widowhood in Nigeria. Written by Ifeoma Okoye, herself a widow, these stories represent a number of different situations that women find themselves in once widowed.

Okoye has managed to capture many different sides of women’s lives in her collection. Each ex...read more