Patrick Bond and Rehana Dada

Estate community of Durban (the core city in the eThekwini Municipality), a traditionally ‘Indian’ neighbourhood now also hosting thousands of ‘African’ and ‘coloured’ residents. Sajida Khan and her siblings grew up and some still reside there.

There are many people around the world who know this house, because its location made Khan one of the key figures in the struggle against the world capitalist elite’s ‘solution’ to climate change: carbon trading. The first paragraphs of a more

Representatives from governments, green organisations and business are currently meeting in Montreal, Canada to thrash out how to deal with the threat posed by climate change. As the meeting takes place, worldwide protests are underway to call for international governments to develop workable emissions reduction programmes and policies. Patrick Bond and Rehana Dada critically examine South Africa's response to dealing with pollution and call for genuine solutions to a very real problem. more