Wambui Mwangi

To be a woman in Kenya is to be repeatedly un-homed. This society refuses the right of women to be at home, as the increasingly frightening statistics on domestic violence indicate

I am finding it very difficult to join in the jubilation about Senator Barack Obama. Not that I want to deny the man his victory, but my impulse to celebrate keeps deflating on the idea that the best thing that happened to little Barack was not growing up in Kenya.

I have been imagining alternative trajectories for him if he had come to know the world through the eyes of a Kenyan citizen, if his mother and grandparents had not rescued him from our chaos and contradictions and brought h...read more

I've had you on my "favourites" side-bar for the longest time, and I had (bad Wambui!) not visited for some time. Thus I am doubly grateful, doubly astonished, and doubly honoured that a) you even read the thing I wrote in Kwani - I think that was the one article everyone else skipped over and b) that you were so gracious and complimentary about it.

I am as vulnerable to flattery as anyone else, but this comes at a particularly opportune time, as I was just deciding that the quality o...read more