Stephen Marks

In this week's roundup of emerging powers news Stephen Marks looks at China’s Foreign Minister Yang Jiechi's just-concluded six-nation tour of Africa.

In this week's roundup of emerging powers news, Chinese banks spur global economic recovery, Chinese Foreign Minister Yang Jiechi tours Africa, and South Africa looks at ways of cutting carbon emissions.

In this week's emerging powers news roundup, China joins the US in making key concessions in Copenhagen, and China continues to invest in, among other countries, Guinea, Ghana Botswana, as Sino-African trade grows to nearly $107 billion in the past year.

Stephen Marks compiles a roundup of emerging players in Africa News.

In this week's emerging powers watch, Stephen Marks reports back on the proceedings of Fahamu's two-day CSO FOCAC workshop in Nairobi on 26 and 27 November, 2009.

In this week's emerging powers in Africa watch, Stephen Marks reviews the work of researchers Yoon Park and Barry Sautman who have teamed up to explore the seldom- researched topic of anti-Chinese feeling - and the distinct but interrelated phenomenon of anti-China sentiment - in Southern Africa.

In this week's emerging powers news roundup, China seeks to limit greenhouse gas emissions, increases investment in Zimbabwe and Ethiopia, and Africa's trade with the BRIC countries show a marked increase of the last eight years.

In this week's emerging powers news roundup, Chinese investment outstrips the ability of state-run banks to provide low-interest finance, Africa leads the way on climate change, and China faces allegations of hoarding rare earths and precious metals.

In the final week before the fourth ministerial FOCAC meeting in Sharm el Sheikh, Egypt, on November 8 and 9, China has been intensifying its effort to put across the‘win-win’ view of its African engagement, with a barrage of new announcements, trailers of the new measures to be unveiled at the summit, and facts and figures to rebut the most common criticisms and fears. Stephen Marks reviews preparations in the run-up to the meeting.

In this week's emerging powers news roundup, Stephen Marks looks at preparations for the upcoming Forum on China-Africa Cooperation [FOCAC] ministerial meeting, the growing controversy over Chinese investments in Guinea and DRC, and criticism of China from the US for keeping its currency too low.