Lubna Nadvi

Fatima Meer, ‘a champion of human rights, an advocate of the poor and disenfranchised, an outstanding academic and author and a woman of impeccable integrity and principles', sadly passed away on 12 March 2010 after a stroke. Lubna Nadvi reflects on her legacy: ‘While there can only be one Fatima Meer, she ignited the imagination of so many others that she came into contact with to fight for a better world. That is perhaps her most enduring contribution.’

As a "progressive" Muslim woman, here are my thoughts on the issue of Islam and women's rights.

The problem around the interpretation of Shariah is that it is often articulated within the context of patriarchy, and Islam gets blamed for what are really chauvinist male-centric views, pronounced in these Shariah courts. On the question of punishment of Zina (adultery), and other "acts", Islamic law is quite clear in laying out conditions, such as there have to be 4 witnesses to the act more