Barbara E. Harrell-Bond

Are you people only out to 'get' governments (The tragedy of Mustafa Mahmoud Park, Summary of report from Force Migration Review
)? The main culprit in all of this was UNHCR. It is, in my view, disastrous for refugee/government relations that only the Egyptian government gets the bad publicity when they had remained patient for threelong months. It is very well-known, certainly to UNHCR, who called for the demonstrator to be removed, that the security in Egypt is not trained for a more

On Friday 30, December 2005, Egyptian security police brutally broke up a three-month sit-in protest being held by Sudanese refugees in Cairo, killing 30. As detailed in an October 2005 Pambazuka News article ( the refugees were protesting against their appalling conditions and the constant abuse of their rights and had camped out near the Cairo office of the UN High Commissioner for more