Mercy Grace Muchadura

I do not see the reason why "gays and lesbians" should cry foul and seek special protection of the law when other sexual orientations are not specially protected.

One of the major problems that we have in Africa is with these young generations and even some old who just join the Western ship without much ado. The author refers to a book by Stephen Murray and Will Roscoe. Are these African scholars? Why should Africans wait for Western scholars to, not only tell, but also interpret more

I am touched by the pleading by the writers who rightly feel the ordinary Zimbabweans must be rescued from the jaws of the hero-turned-villain Robert Mugabe.

It is not for Mugabe to deliver us from the evil. That is obviously impossible - for since when did evil deliver its prey from its jaws? We all do give credit to Mugabe for the good that he did for Zimbabwe, similarly to the likes of other African leaders who led the liberation of their countries.The problem with many African more