Fatma Alloo


Writers like Frantz Fanon put pen to paper so that the next generation could understand history and its atrocities, says Fatma Alloo.

Gijsbert Oonk’s history of the Karimjee Jeevanjis, a prominent South Asian family in the East Coast of Africa, speaks ‘volumes on the era of migration and issues of identity’, writes Fatma Alloo. Part of a wave of new writing ‘from Asian-African perspectives’, ‘it could be that now is the beginning of coming of age of a community which so far has engaged in life in East Africa, but has not put down in a concerted way from its own perspective what that life is and how they feel about it’, says...read more

I am presenting a kenote address at the University of Cairo later this month on how ICT impacts change and I have used Pambazuka as a case in point. Maybe I shall send you a copy once I have finished my paper. I personally feel PAMBAZUKA is playing a vital role in providing a forum for analysis of our continent. I am a media person, founder of Tanzania Media Women's Association (TAMWA) and now also teach part time and a lot of my students really access your network.