Willy Mutunga


Former Chief Justice of Kenya, Willy Mutunga, gives a special tribute to Samir Amin. 


Kenya’s elite is stunted, self-absorbed and unable to build a just, equitable, peaceful and prosperous society that guarantees material resources to all its citizens. The country is ripe for a revolution. And Kenya is slowly building a new alternative to the current elite. Nobody says it is going to be easy, but the first steps in the journey of decolonization and freedom are being taken.


Days to the March 4 elections a gang purporting to act in the interest of Jubilee Coalition presidential candidate Uhuru Kenyatta threatens the Supreme Court president, who also complains of harassment by the all-powerful Head of the Civil Service and Secretary to the Cabinet, Francis Kimemia


Kenya’s new chief justice Willy Mutunga says that living by the constitution means that all Kenyans – from the tiniest hut to State House – must do what it requires, when it is required, whatever the cost in finance, effort or personal convenience.

I can write a book on Issa's contributions in various fields he has undertaken. For now, I need to remind all movements that seek to liberate Africa of two of his contributions that are, perhaps, not so obvious: 1) I do not know of any other African revolutionary who, after the so-called collapse of socialism and communism, unwaveringly gave intellectual leadership in support of the revolutionary paradigms that imperialism, through its ideological, intellectual, economic, social, cultural and...read more