Kaori Izumi

I just got information that the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Japan has agreed with the World Food Programme to export canned fish, including that produced in disaster-affected areas to the following countries: Ghana, Congo, Senegal, Cambodia and Sri Lanka.

Kaori Izumi is campaigning for the immediate closure of Tomari nuclear power plant in Hokkaido, amidst fears that it could become the next Fukushima Daiichi. An active fault line was found near the plant in 2009, which could cause a 7.5- magnitude earthquake.

My first meeting with Issa Shivji was his book “Silent Class Struggle in Tanzania!, when I was a student of Africa studies in Tokyo, studying African Socialism. I later met him at the University of Dar es Salaam for several occasions during my Ph.D study on the economic liberalisation and the land question in Tanzania. Prof. Shivji was then appointed as the Chairman of the Land Commission in Tanzania. Many of us wondered why him? I remember that I had stimulating discussions on land issues w...read more