Chuma Nwokolo

Chuma Nwokolo revisits a childhood library and is shocked at its deterioration. 'It is great to have a completed central bank project and a new airport, but how about a time frame for a public library?'

Chuma Nwokolo invites Pambazuka readers to view his film , which is 'dedicated to one of the most hospitable people in the world'.

Lamenting the greater insecurity and civil unrest provoked by African governments’ excessive spending on defence, Chuma Nwokolo argues that arms stockpiles act as a central obstacle for countries’ development and stability. Emphasising that the practice of supplying African territory with arms remains a throwback to the slavery era, the author highlights the high proportion of GDP spent on arms and the military by particular African governments such as Angola and Eritrea. In a bid to more

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Today I feel no kinship with the human race.
I’m sorry,
but today I feel affinity with clotting blood
smeared on a pitted ghetto street,
beside the broken skull of an alien child,
barely ten winters old.
crushed by the triumphant indifference
of the ruling race

I’m sorry. For I know how infra dig this sounds,
especially when I estimate
the days and months of blinkless surveillance
you’ll now invest in me;
but up there more