Adotey Bing-Pappoe

When successful, cooperatives can strengthen and liberate individuals and communities in the most fundamental ways. History shows that the benefits people of African descent around the world can gain include economic empowerment, employment, skills acquisition, community agency, self-confidence and cultural revival. All these will contribute to the progression from disempowerment to empowerment and full self-determination.


This three-part series looks at the cooperative movement globally. Part I reviews the growing popularity of this form of economic organising. Part II will look at the history of workers cooperatives, especially in the African diaspora, as an instrument of self-empowerment and mutual self-help. The third part will explore the similarities and difference between workers cooperatives and investor owned firms - the bedrock of our current economic system - and how they represent an alternative more

The issue of Madonna adopting a Malawian Child made worldwide news. Human Rights groups have protested the adoption, claiming that it is against the law for a person who is not a Malawi resident to adopt a child from their country. Adotey Bing-Pappoe deals with the issue by analysing carefully the possible pitfalls of inter-country adoption.

What is at issue?

How is one supposed to begin to un-pick the Madonna adoption issue? Is there an issue to be un-picked at all? An more