Moreblessings Chidaushe

Wayan Vota

The global financial crisis is taking its toll on Africa, writes Moreblessings Chidaushe, despite initial attempts to downplay the continent’s interdependence with the world economy. As commodity prices tumble and cuts in resources delay and stall major development projects, Chidaushe calls for African leaders to engage their citizens in building internal solutions to the challenges they face, rather than looking to a diminishing pool of external sources of aid.

Moreblessings Chidaushe tackles the issue of development aid to Africa, comparing the approach of the West and the new player, China. What is significantly different, she states, is that instead of the top-down language used by the West, China has instead used language that speaks of partnership and friendship. The West should not see China as a threat to its hold over Africa. Africa should be left to decide who it wants to engage with, she concludes.

This article interrogates China’ more